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23, June 2022

Silicone Sealant For Facades: Strong, Robust, And Cost-Effective

Silicone Sealant For Facades: Strong, Robust, And Cost-Effective

All buildings around us, be it high-rise, low-rise, hospitals, malls, hotels, offices, etc., would look almost the same without a facade.

A facade is an entrance & the front structure of every building. The addition of a facade distinguishes one building from another by giving the structure a unique identity.

Most facades are built using materials other than concrete, for instance, glass, stone, marble, wood & more.

We can say that facade is the aesthetic element of a building. Along with maintaining the aesthetic of the structure, the installation of the facade helps in protecting the underlying building.

The facade is installed with the help of silicone sealant.

What is a Silicone Sealant?

Silicone sealant is a chemical solution formulated by combining silica & other polymers. This chemical reaction between these two results in a strong adhesion property. This adhesion characteristic helps builders & constructors to provide strong adhesion to their facade structure.

How does installing a facade & applying silicone sealant benefit the structure?

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of the facade stretch beyond providing aesthetics & look of the building. It provides thermal stability & soundproofing, in addition to that a facade protects the building from deteriorating.

The additional layer of the facade safeguards the underlying structure from adverse climatic changes. Even though a facade is an additional protective layer, it also needs to be secured using external silicone sealant solutions.

Facades are heavy structures & to glue them to the concrete building, a tough industrial & construction silicone sealant is essential. Builders, developers, engineers & silicone sealant manufacturers constantly invest in the innovation of facade silicone sealants that are dynamic and withstand the ever-changing environment.

The silicone sealants manufactured by Bondzil are high-performance & cost-effective. The sealants are innovative and are preferred by home developers to homeowners for the construction of facades.

Why silicone sealant is essential for building facades?

The one, two, too many properties of silicone sealants are the reasons behind their popular use in the construction industry. Along with strengthening the structure, the seal offers flexibility to huge structures.

These properties when combined offers resistance to the structure against natural calamities like earthquake & storms by providing strength to stand & flexibility allowing easy movement so that the structure doesn’t collapse.

The most important benefits of using silicone sealants:

  • It provides great extrudability to deliver great efficiency
  • The formulated sealant is non-toxic & has Low VOC ensuring the health & safety of constructors & end-users
  • It provides long-lasting protection to the structure by fighting against harmful acids, rain, storms & UV Rays
  • The produced seal is highly elastic and has low shrinkage
  • Certain silicones sealants are flameproof & isolate spaces from exposure to toxic fumes
  • Silicone Sealant is the only sealant that adheres to non-porous substrates as well
  • It can be applied at any temperature & in very rare cases require pre-preparation before application
  • The silicone seal cures quickly & becomes resistant to adverse conditions shortly after application
  • The last but the most important benefit is the core purpose of silicone sealant which is strengthening buildings with strong adhesion
  • All these benefits offered by silicone sealant have given rise to its usage in the construction & infrastructure industry.

The number of silicone sealant manufacturers has also increased tremendously, resulting in increased external silicone sealant options available in the market. However, choosing the right quality of silicone sealant for engineering huge structures is absolutely necessary.

One of the trusted silicone sealants in the market is manufactured by Bondzil with 16 years of expertise in the silicone sealant industry.

Why choose Bondzil Silicone Sealant for bonding & cladding of facade?

  • Bondzil Facade Silicone Sealants that fall under the HYB category are developed with silicone and polyurethane technologies which give the sealant strong adhesion properties
  • Silicone Sealant solutions that work with all kinds of facades be it contemporary designed facades or modernizing the existing facade
  • Dynamic Seal that works on various substrates like steel, PVC, Glass, Granite, Stone & more
  • Weatherproof seal that slows down the aging process of building
  • The flexibility that guarantees the long-term performance
  • Modern structures & buildings are getting exposed to devious environmental changes & an innovative product like Bondzil Silicone Sealant can provide it strong resistance
  • Delivering silicone sealants in sausage packaging for large-scale construction purposes
  • Available in clear, black & grey colours to match the aesthetic of your installations
  • We deliver the silicone sealant quickly. In long-term contracts, the silicone sealants are timely supplied for the construction of the facade
  • The complete range of Bondzil silicone sealants is developed with 16 years of expertise.

Industrial Silicone Sealants to choose for Facade Building From Bondzil

B-780 Weathersil Engineering Grade Silicone Sealant

Bondzil B-780 Weathersil engineering grade silicone sealant

It provides great protection against adverse climate changes. The seal remains unaffected by UV rays & protects the structure from depreciating.

B-793 HYB Quick

Bondzil B-793 HYB quik silicone sealant

It provides superior final strength & great extrudability for easy movement of joints in the structure. Apart from construction, HYB Quick Silicone Sealant can be used for other industrial applications like automotive & marine.

B-794 HYB HT

Bondzil B-794 HYB HT Silicone Sealant

The seal of HYB HT cures quickly and offers strong protection against adverse climates shortly after application.

For any further inquiries regarding Bondzil silicone sealant connect with us at info@bondzil.com or you can inquire here.

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