Silicone sealant to apply on wood and joint the furniture piece together

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Some bonds are forever & it’s this bond of trust that matters to us the most! Understanding and consistently analyzing the Silicone Sealant market helps us in knowing the ever-evolving needs of the market. Cutting-edge research and technology allow us to innovate & design products that fulfill market needs. We manufacture General Purpose Silicone Sealants to Industrial Silicone Sealants. You name your usage & you will find a silicone sealant that serves your purpose. Smooth, flexible, and standing against all conditions, our Weather Silicone sealants are known for the seal of perfectionTM. Behind our innovation, there are people driven by passion, energy & a constant quest to keep evolving to make day-to-day life better for everyone!

A Sealant for
Every Purpose

Bondzil best cartridge silicone sealant to seal brick wall
Silicone sealant for window frames and doors

Want to seal a flooring gap? Need to fix your fish aquarium? Attaching a mirror on your wooden cupboard? Be it household or commercial usage, we have a sealant that serves your purpose. Our specialized range of sealants is a result of our innovative product development. These sealants have proved effective for a variety of uses ranging from automotive, construction, glass, wet surfaces, high temperatures & all weather conditions.

Explore our series of highly specialized products & find a perfect one to fetch optimum utility & great results!


General Purpose Silicone Sealants

A range of sealants best suited for everyday uses. Select from 7 different options best suited for your specific needs.

Neutral Silicone Sealants

Sealants ideal for granite surfaces, sanitary uses & for glazing windows. A perfect option for surfaces that do not allow acetoxy sealants.

Weather Silicone Sealants

Architectural grade sealants that easily cure in all temperatures & can be applied without pre-preparation on all kinds of surfaces.

Acryfill Silicone Sealants

Gun grade sealants formulated from acrylic emulsions & provide smooth & perfect sealing that can be painted.

HYB Silicone Sealants

One component sealants based on SMP (Silyl-modified polymers) Technology. Gives very high sheer strength and fast curing.

Sausage Packaging

Perfect packaging choice for large-scale construction. 5 sealant options are available, each sealant provides a specific solution, so you can choose the best for you.

B-700 general purpose silicone sealant for automotive, home, kitchen, glass windows, marine industry
B-701 general purpose active silicone sealant for windows, marine, automobile, hardware and kitchen
B-702 general purpose active+ silicone sealant for automotive, home, kitchen, marine, glass windows and doors
B-703 general purpose pro silicone sealant for marine, car windows, home glass windows , indoor and outdoor fittings
B-704 general purpose pro+ silicone sealant for sanitary, natural stone, glazing windows, doors, DIY applications
B-705 general purpose quik silicone sealant for sanitary, windows, doors, bikes, indoor and outdoor fittings
B-706 general purpose aquarium silicone sealant for curtain walling, drought proofing, sealing door-window frames, sanitary use, automobile and windshield glass fixing
B-707 general purpose auto silicone sealant for bus body application, DIY application, windshield and body parts
B-721 neutral silicone sealant for sanitary applications, panel stiffener, construction materials including glass, aluminium, steel, granite, concrete, briick and plastic
B-722 neutral universal silicone sealant for windows, doors frames, marble and stone
B-723 neutral universal sanitary silicone sealant for bathtubs, shower, sinks, tiles, walls joints
B-779 weather silicone sealant for aluminium glazing, curtain wall joints, metal panels
B-780 weathersil engineering grade silicone sealant for interior and exterior applications
B-750 acryfill silicone sealant for ventilation grills, door-window frames, ceiling and wall joints
B-751 acryfill+ silicone sealant for joints between windowsills, brickwork, skirting board and floor
B-791 hybrid silicone sealant for interior bonding of glass and other transparent materials, construction and building applications and exterior bonding
B-793 hybrid quick silicone sealant for interior bonding of glass and other transparent materials, construction and building applications and exterior bonding
B-794 hybrid HT silicone sealant for sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry, joints in bathroom and kitchens
B-795 hybrid heavy silicone sealant for sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry, sanitary application, floor joints
Bondzil B-721 neutral silicone sealant sausage for granite, marbles
Bondzil B-722 neutral universal silicone sealant sausage for glass door joints
Bondzil B-723 neutral sanitary silicone sealant sausage for bathtub and shower
Bondzil B-779 weather silicone sealant sausage for brick wall joints
Bondzil B-780 weathersil silicone sealant sausage  for clay roof tiles and aluminium roof joints

Global Presence, Local Expertise!

Bondzil silicone sealant presence in india, australia, africa, europe

The world today is like never before. To be the top Silicone Sealant Manufacturer, meeting the diverse needs of the market is essential. We understand the needs & requirements of different global markets & cultural dynamics. This understanding helps us to deliver the perfect product for every market. We consistently stay at par with the latest developments of technology & keep developing highly effective solutions that drive results.

We share strong business relationships in international markets like South East Asia, SAARC, Africa, EU, North America, Latin America & CIS with 30+ key customers comprising of Global Distributors, OEM Clients & Large-Scale Traders.

Mark of Trust

Safety, Quality, Efficiency & Productivity; everything that we do reflects our zeal for excellence. Certifications by the global accreditation partners is a testament to the credibility & effectiveness of our products that leave their mark.

Promise of perfomance
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